What’s Your Style?

Your senior portrait does more than just capture the memory of your achievements in high school—it also captures your unique sense of style. As you plan your outfits for your session, start by thinking about how you’d describe your style to someone else. Do you like to dress more casually? Or do you like to rock your sports jersey everywhere you go? What about keeping it minimalistic and neutral? Whatever your style is, keep it authentically you!


Pick Your Favorite Trend(s) and Plan for Themed Looks

Take a look at these style trends. We compiled a wide range of looks to hopefully spark some inspiration and find the one that fits your wardrobe the best. Read the description to get ideas of specific pieces to put together your portrait session outfits for sharp, camera-ready looks. Our recommendation is to plan on bringing with you at least three complete outfits, or more, if you like a wider range to choose from to look your best.